Thursday, 29 June 2017

Some Incredible ceiling designs to go with!

When decorating homes, we tend to immediately think about the walls, followed by the furniture and then the flooring, but rarely we think about what’s overhead. However, a home ceiling is as important as home flooring and walls. Gone are the times when ceilings were kept white and flat. With the advent of new technologies and obviously, with people going creatively sensible, a ceiling is now considered an important part of the whole room decor.  

Below are some ceiling design ideas that will contribute a big time in your decision of ‘what kind of ceiling would better match your home interior needs’.

Colored Ceiling

White ceilings were typically used to make a room appear bright and big, but why bother when you have a big room with a decent ceiling height. You can apply any color to the ceiling to change the complete look and feel of the room. Dark colored ceiling with add drama and sophistication both.

Coffered Ceiling

Besides creating an illusion of space, coffered ceilings also add class and elegance to any room. With some embellishments, this ceiling type can transform any plain room to a visually appealing one.

Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceiling is ideal for creating unique and beautiful interiors. Since stretch ceiling is fitted over the existing ceiling, not much fuss is involved in it. Stretch ceilings allow the incorporation of all types of light fixtures, grilles and fixing points.  

Molded Ceiling

From the modern era inspired clean lines to incredibly intricate and detailed designs of the Victorian period, plaster molded ceilings can cater to all the tastes. Moldings allow you to create an entirely new and unique design of your choice. Moreover, they are easy and quick to install and do not shrink, warp or expand with changing season and environment.

Beam Ceiling

Beam ceilings are a great way to add character to any room. Wood in particular is very much appreciated, in fact people look for the aging wood to give a distinct and vintage appeal to their home. This kind of ceiling can give that charm and uniqueness we always seek for our homes.

CNC Cut Designer Ceiling

CNC cut designer ceilings are generally used for industrial interior designs and decor. They can be an interesting choice for those who are seeking for something interesting as well as unique. Their rough and unfinished look makes them stand apart from other types of ceilings.

A great ceiling, whether it is in your living room, dining area, kitchen or bedroom, can give a room inimitable and individual character that also leaves an outstanding impression on those who step in. While there are so many materials available for the construction of ceilings, if you want to play around with something which is 100% fire resistant, water-resistant and borer resistant and lends extensive beauty also, Starke PVC sheets are just for you. Century Ply, is one of the most powerful and reputed PVC sheet manufacturers that offer quite a competitive PVC sheet price. PVC is  your best bet if you are looking to upgrade the ceilings.

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