Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Did You Choose The Right Wooden Front Door?

The front door of your home is the first thing that catches the attention of people. That’s why most people like it to exude luxury & refinement, something that wooden doors are known for. Another reason why people prefer wooden front door is because of the decorative designs that lend character to any entryway.

The beauty of wood is indeed incomparable. It gives great solidity that makes it long-lasting and elegant. A wooden flush door for the front door of your home can be an ideal choice. They are made up of compact solid wood fillers and hence have higher strength. Flush doors from Century Doors are boiling water proof and have a very smooth surface too. They have a 45 mm thick frame that lends solidity to your door. It is as per IS2202 ( Part 1). You can check flush doors from Century Doors at https://www.centurydoors.in/.
Here’s a guide that can help you choose the best quality wooden front door for your home.

1. Exposure and Direction
While deciding the front door for your home, always keep in mind the exposure and direction of the entryway. The ideal location for a front door would be a door facing north to northeast with approximately 5-7 foot overhang, so that it remains maintenance free for long. An overhang facing southwest would face a lot of daylight, which would require frequent refinishing.

2. Durability
While choosing the right door, make sure to check that it is durable, decay proof, and can stand all the climatic conditions. Flush doors from Century Doors are made of compact solid hardwood fillers and hence provide high strength. 

FD to add ornate beauty to the surroundings.
3. Design
Century Doors have a great number of design options for wooden front doors that can go really well with the design of your home. Decorative flush doors are bonded through a calibrator with designer natural veneer, designer recon veneer & designer laminated FD to add ornate beauty to the surroundings. 

Since flush doors come in select dimensions, it would be prudent to involve your architect in design stage itself to get a blueprint approved for such structural inclusion.  

4. Quality
When it comes to entryway doors, a very important deciding factor to be remembered is the quality. Choose a door that stands firm on the quotient of durability, stability and function. After all, an entryway is meant to be enjoyed for years. Century Doors are also borer and termite proof.

Make no compromises while buying your wooden front door. Choose the best flush door to enjoy a view that is welcoming.

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