Friday, 27 January 2017

Now Prevent Fire From Ruining Your Designer Furnishings With Century Ply

While wooden furnishings add a touch of class and royalty to your home or office interiors, wood always poses a risk of being damaged by fire or causing a big scale hazard when it comes in contact with sustained heat or fire.
Inside your office the probability remains low, but it is the kitchen wherein fire is extensively used. But this risk shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on your interiors and give up using wooden furnishing. 

So what is the solution then? Fire retardant plywood comes to your rescue here. Let us take a look at the numerous benefits of fire retardant plywood:
1. With fire retardant plywood, durability will never be a concern. Having being treated with numerous chemicals, the fire resistance quality of the plywood is enhanced and protects it from any fire or heat exposure.
2. The glue holding the plywood sheets together is also of superior quality, being waterproof. This also gives it an added advantage of being water resistant to a great extent.
3. Another unique selling proposition of fire retardant plywood is that they are thicker with more grains than the softer versions.
4. Even if a fire happens to break out in your kitchen or in any area where fire resistant plywood is installed, it takes 20-30 minutes before the fire can actually penetrate the plywood. This is the golden few minutes you get to extinguish it before a fire breakout can turn into a disaster.
5. The chemical treatment ensures fire doesn’t spread rapidly on the plywood surface.

Fire retardant plywood from Century Ply provides you ultimate protection against any hazards and hence you can live life without worrying about anything. Opt for Century Ply to experience the ultimate designer interiors that are also extremely safe and protected.

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