Monday, 14 May 2018

Interesting Ways To Utilise The Space Under Staircase

Apart from connecting different floors, a staircase rarely serves any purpose. Its underneath space is mostly considered as a dead space, however, that space can actually be utilised effectively. From being a spot to enjoy reading at to becoming a play space for the little ones, the area under stairs can serve purposes.

Below are some tips to make the most of this often under-utilised space: 

Reading spot

The little space under the stairs is ideal for creating a cozy reading corner at your home. You can accent the space with comfy throw pillows, few decorative items and a collection of books. You can also have a storage cabinet underneath the reading seat for keeping your books. A reading spot like this will prove to be a great place to unwind at.

Kid’s corner

our kids would appreciate the idea of having a separate space for them. You can either turn the area into a playful kid’s corner or their homework spot. Install a small wooden bed in the area or a highly functional study table. You can further accentuate the space with some art pieces, stuff toys and pillows.  

While purchasing the furniture for your kids, make sure it is made up of good quality plywood. Kids don’t understand how cheap or expensive a furniture can be. They may use it rough while playing. However, furniture made using marine plywood is resistant from heat, dust and termites to give your kids a good play time. 

Storage System

Traditionally, the spot under the stairs was used for hanging coats and placing boots, but no one likes to use it that way now. You can turn it into a sophisticated storage system where you can slot bags, jackets, shoes and much more.

Home Office

Instead of devoting an entire room to home office, you can carve out a small office nook under the stairs. It will act as your personal space for dealing with your office work. You can have a small furniture fitted in that area, like a simple desk and wall shelves to perform tasks with ease. 

Home Bar

The ingenious space under the stairs can be utilised for storing all your bar essentials in a simple yet beautiful manner. You can install a showy furniture in the area to make the space more like a luxury mini bar. In order to add more beauty to your bar furniture, you may consider using veneer sheets or laminates.

In these ways you can put under-the-stairs area at your home to good use. In fact, the burden of space constraints at home can completely be reduced by utilising the space below stairs.

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