Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Shopping For Veneer? Make Sure To Keep These Things In Mind

There’s something about Indian homes and wooden furniture that goes much beyond the written word. A house is still a house even if it’s got marble straight from Italy, or modular fittings from Germany, but add a little woodwork to the same, and it brings to life the Indian Dream and completes a home. 

For wooden furniture is every Indian’s discreet way of putting their creative side out for everyone to see. And what better than veneer sheets to bring out the best in any wooden furniture, and add a touch of personal flair? Available with all leading retailers, there are so many styles of veneer, suitable for every Indian home! No wonder, the market is buzzing with a demand for decorative veneers that matches every vogue. But, like every important purchase, there are some things that veneer buyers should pay heed to, some points to understand that will help them make the best choice possible. Following are all the major points:

1)Veneers from the same wood can vary in colours
If you’ve got your eye on a particular type of wood for your veneer sheets, then make sure you do all your purchasing with an open mind. Because the chances are high of getting different grain and colours for the same wood-type. Of course, there are certain wood-types that have consistency in their grain. But, it makes sense to request the retailer for veneer sheets from the same log if you won’t settle for any differences.

2)Make sure to get some extra

While it will be more economical to get your decorative veneers cut as per exact requirements, it’s actually not the wisest decision. For there’s always a chance that the estimations may fall short, or you might decide to apply veneers to a new set of furniture which wasn’t planned earlier. And if that happens, you don’t want to have a certain portion of veneer in different grain-texture. Getting all the veneer sheets in slightly larger sizes than required gives a little extra to do some last-minute additions.

3) Put your premium veneer on high-visibility areas

This is more of a hack that will help you save money. Reserve all your premium veneers for furniture surfaces that are visible and draw all the attention in your home. For spaces such as backs of shelves and bookcases, insides of furniture, etc., you don’t need premium veneers. So, before you place your order, make an estimate of areas that will require premium quality and which areas won’t. It’ll make sure your purchasing stays within your budget.

4) Read a bit about veneer terminology before you step out
While the onus is always on the retailer to help you choose the best option, it pays to understand a few key veneer terminology. The usage of proper terms can help your retailer understand what you need, and removes any chance of dissatisfaction. And when in doubt, follow the golden rule - Ask Questions! Good retailers are always more than happy to help.

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The last thing to consider? Follow your gut. Allow your intuition to help you make the right choice. For your furniture is just another reflection of your lifestyle, and there’s nothing better than a good veneer to bring exactly that out. Happy shopping!

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